Resolve emotional issues and improve your self-confidence and sense of well-being. Ideal for people seeking life-improving inspiration and advice.


Inspired Mentoring for:

  • Young people with questions about life.
  • Anyone facing challenges or caught in a rut.
  • Those wanting to step out of their comfort zones and move forward in their jobs or sports.



Inspired Mentoring for:

  • Artists with doubts and wondering how to progress/improve.
  • Artists who have committed to their craft and need a push.
  • Those seeking tips on artist in residencies and painting on location. 


Set Yourself up for Success

Do you need a CATALYST

someone to challenge you to take the first step on our road towards satisfaction and your best self?

Do you need a MIRROR 

someone to uncover and track your hidden strengths and weaknesses?

Gregory is your MENTOR

like the compassionate parent with a child on a bike with training wheels, encouraging you to peddle.

How it Works

Initial email exchange defining the current situation and desired outcome.

A meeting with Gregory either in person or over Zoom, Skype or Watsap.

During this initial session you and Gregory will work together to define your goals and some strategies for achieving them.

Every person is treated in strictest confidence and individually.